Why monitoring Quality Score history is
important to search marketers.

Google’s approach to analyzing keyword Quality Score fails to provide the information necessary to optimize your campaigns the way they should be. Without a historical snapshot, you only get your Quality Score as it is currently. If account performance is impacted by a change in Quality Score, you’ll never know why.

Quality Score Monitor gives search marketers the ability to see the impact of optimization efforts on Quality Score and the ability to spot trends in historical Quality Score.

Use information provided in Quality Score Monitor to:


Gain Insight

Into how search marketers’ continuous efforts to optimize campaigns impact Quality Score, either positively or negatively.



The exact impact on cost per click (CPC) that comes from an increase in Quality Score from a 6 to an 8.


Track Metrics

Like ROI and conversion rate that highlight the impact that Quality Score has on conver-sion and revenue goals.

How Do I Start?

Select Keywords

Click on your campaign, then the Ad Group, and select up to 100 keywords per Adwords account.

Historical Tracking

Seeing a long view of your quality score allows you to spot trends and know how a change impacted the QS of your keyword.

Optimize Your Ads

The more specific your ads and landing pages are to your keywords, the more relevant they will be seen by the platform.


The Art of Quality Score Management


Lower your CPC, Drive more traffic to your website, Improve your impression share, all with Quality Score Monitor.