We Make Multi-Ad Testing Easy

Ad Automator allows you to quickly create new AdWords
ads and execute A/B tests for each ad in minutes!

How It Works


Build New Ads

Use our ad copy creation wizard to build 26 variations of your ad and test at the account, campaign, or ad group level!


Launch Experiments

Select your Campaigns and Judge Ads Based on CTR, Conversion Rate or Impressions Until Conversion.


Get Results

Records, tracks and reports each round of ad tests each time one reaches statistical significance.


Set up, execute and track a 26-round multivariate Ad test in minutes using our ad creation wizard.

As any PPC manager knows, ad copy testing can be a brutal, time-consuming investment, and it can take forever on to the next test. With Ad Automator you can easily create new ads to test in minutes rather than hours.

» A/B Multivariate Testing

Create two (or more) different versions of your ads and see which one performs better.

» Mix and Match

Enter your headlines, descriptions lines and URL’s then let Ad Automator create all possible ad copy combinations for you!

» Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Utilizes the same DKI syntax as the Google AdWords interface.

Ad Creation Wizard


Our Experiment Center gives you complete control over your tests.


Once experiments reach statistical significance you are alerted via email, and Ad Automator pauses the losing ad and unpauses the next version of the ad so the next round can start. The experiment ends when all versions have competed and there is a statistically significant winner.

Increase your paid search productivity today!